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Beekeeping Langstroth Plastic Thermo Beehive

A Colony Management System that enables rearing bees in a healthy environment, transporting them without causing any harm, and preventing potential harm to them has been implemented with Thermo Hives.

A Set Including:

Plastic 3 Layer Thermo Beehive
Fit Australian, LR and Dadant size Frames
Including partas as below:
Hive Top Cover
Inner Cover Type Feeder 4 lt
2 Thermo Super
1 Bee Escape
6 Frame Limiter
1 Queen excluder
1 Division board
Sliding Entrance Reducer
6 Round Bee Entrances
Ergonomic IPM Bottom Board

Model BS-HIVE06B
Name Beekeeping Langstroth Plastic Thermo Beehive
Material Food grade plastic;HDPE & PP
Style  1 layer / 2 layer / 3 layer are available
Size As shown in the picture
Condition 100% New
Weight 18KG
Manufacture SYbestbees
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Details About Beekeeping Langstroth Plastic Thermo Beehive

  • Firstly, Langstroth Plastic Thermo Beehive made from food-grade, UV-resistant plastic (HDPE).
  • Secondly, Thermal Insulation: The innovative all-around double layer insulation. Help keep the colony warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Thirdly, The convenience of use – Easy to open and inspect, move or feed the bees, and fighting Varroa mites and small hive beetles.
  • Long Economic Life Of This Langstroth Plastic Thermo Beehive: The Thermo Hives are impact-proof.
  • Ventilation designed: allow the incoming air from the bottom to rise all the way through the Ventilation duct with the increasing temperature.
  • You can disinfect a Thermo Beehive to protect against diseases using common disinfectants.
  • Thermal insulation: keep the colony warm in the winter and cool in summer.
  • Made by bee-friendly plastic: use certified HDPE, directly colored without outer painted.

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