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Wooden Painted & Waxed Beehive

Our Wooden Painted & Waxed Beehive easily endures years of use in any environment. Our hives are suitable for all kinds of bee farms.

Model BS-HIVE03
Name Wooden Painted & Waxed Beehive
Material Fir & Pine Wood
Style 8 Frame & 10 Frame
Customized Yes
Condition 100% New
Feature Dovetail joint
Manufacture SYbestbees
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Details About Wooden Painted & Waxed Beehive

  • Firstly, this Wooden Painted & Waxed Beehive comes pre-assembled, perfect for any beekeeper.
  • Secondly, the beehive box with a dovetail joint structure is easy to install and use. It contains a lid, inner cover, super box, deep box, and bottom board. 
  • Thirdly, the metal lid makes the beehives stronger, it is rainproof and corrosion-resistant, greatly extending the service life of the beehive.
  • Includes upgraded features like the solid bottom board, widened entrance reducer, queen excluder, and inner cover for your convenience.
  • This beehive starter kit comes with everything you need to build a tight & sturdy beehive; assembly can be completed in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Beehive and other wooden products are our advantage products, we can produce any wooden items according to your requirements.

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